China Trip Photo Gallery

Thursday, March 27

Arrival at GZ airport

GZ early sun dot in haze

Bill Northey at DL in GZ

Curt Sindergard at DL

GZ night on Pearl River

Jeffery Xu at DL

Soy Delegation plus Xu

John Heisdorffer at DL

Kirk and Stacie Leeds

Renault Quash at map

Pete Lombardo

Peter and Renilda Mishek AGP

Friday, March 28

Wei Tongjun showing
GZ port expansion

Tang Jinhua, Guangdong Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Oceans and Fishing Bureau

Chickens on barge
furnish eggs for crew

Shipping containers at GZ port

Barge waits to fill at GZ Green Oil Ind Soy crushing plant on Pearl river

Iowa Delegation with Secretary of GD Province at Ministry office in GZ

Grant Kimberly checks out
local transportation

Flags fly at GZ port

GD Minister of Agriculture exchanging cards with Curt Sindergard, ISA President

Crops and buildings grow
in GD Province

Worker on grain barge hauling soybeans on Pearl river

Leeds, Heisdorffer and Northey confer in ministerial meeting

Saturday, March 29

Curt Sindergard addressing
JCI Conference

Interpreter at JCI Conference

Northey addresses the
JCI Feed Conference

US Delegation at JCI Conference

Window of the World
Amusement Park in Shenzhen

Sunday, March 30

Woman hauling muck to rice paddy

Harvesting catfish at Zhu farm

Mrs. Zhu enjoying lunch
with Peter Mishek and wife

Mr. Zhu on bus to fish farm

Kirk Leeds' futile attempt
at seining fish

Rice paddys in Guangdong province

Mr. Zhu owns fish ponds all the way to the mountains

Mr. Zhu and wife at hotel
during bus trip

Fish feeding on soy pellets
at Zhu farm

Young girls in Guangdong village

Mr. Zhu pouring grain sorghum
driink for guests

Catfish scooped from
pond at Zhu farm

Monday, March 31

Zhu in charge Pete Lombardo interpreting

Sindergard and Leeds with
massive equipment at port

John Heisdorffer at port

Iranian vessel flying
Chinese flag in port

Finally something with a bigger mouth than Ken

Containers at port

Mr. Zhu owns fish ponds all the way to the mountains

Mr. Zhu and wife at hotel
during bus trip

Fish feeding on soy pellets
at Zhu farm

Tuesday, April 1

COFCO logo

Northey with Li Ming,
Asst. President of COFCO

Grand Hyatt is grand

Delegation at COFCO
Wu Deyong in center

Wu and Northey with gift - you need grandchildren Bill

Curt and Stacie in Beijing Airport

Thursday, April 3

Comrade Kurt Leeds

Great Hall of the People

Uglier than Ken in Forbidden City

Heisdorffer climbed all the
way to the top

House Number of building in Forbidden City

Northey and Mao Forbidden City

Great Wall from the top

Jackie Chan... really.

Renilda Mishek - Beauty and the Beast at Ming Tomb

Sindergard with Mao

Soldier at Wall blocking access to Jackie Chan

Stacie with children at Wall

Terra Cotta Warriors are lifelike

The Great Wall