Iowa Soybean Association China Trade Mission
Tentative Schedule

MARCH 27 - Arrive GZ early morning. After going to the WHITE SWAN hotel (2 nights) which is a walk away fm the US Consulate, clean up (note: not all rooms may be ready as you'll be checking in B4 noon), DL (Dongling) will have someone pick us up and take us to his office (15 min fm hotel). An exchange between DL/farmer group, maybe meet their top officials there. That night maybe dinner at hotel or w/DL staff.

MARCH 28 - 09:00-09:30 out of hotel for a full day out visiting DL's 2 crushing plants, Whampu port/storage facilities, maybe a feed plant near DL (that they sell SBM to).
That night we can have a cocktail party at hotel w/DL staff, then dinner.

MARCH 29 - For us to attend the JCI grains meeting in SZ (Shenzhen) b4 noon, we would need to have break, check out and leave the hotel by 08:00-08:30, as it's a good 1 1/2 hr ride to SZ (hope to get there by 10ish). If all goes well, we'll meet w/other feeders, traders at this conference by JCI. Maybe Bill can have a few words(working on this now and will see how JCI replies in kind). The hotel where the conference is at is about 20-30 min fm our hotel SUNSHINE HOTEL in SZ(3 nights). After checking in the hotel, maybe have some time w/ZHU KUNMING╩ ,Chairman of the HUALIAN Group (whom will also be at this JCI conference) at the hotel. Dinner at hotel or out w/Zhu that night.

MARCH 30 - Mr. Zhu said we can go to his fisheries(about 2 hrs fm SZ in good traffic) this day, maybe can meet some local gov't officials while there. If have the time, try to see a shrimp farm. Lunch while there. Return to hotel late afternoon. Can have the cocktail party for my various friends in the oilseeds/grains trade at the hotel. Dinner afterwards at hotel or out w/Zhu and/or MR. LI SHENG LI (former Hunan Grains Bur Chief) and other major players in the grains trade in Guangdong & SZ.

MARCH 31 - Can go to Zhu's offices for a set down and exchange of market views. If have time in the afternoon, can go shopping at the local malls or DONGMEN (East Gate) which is a popular shopping area near the hotel.

APRIL 1 - After breakfast, check out hotel, as early flight to Beijing arrive at 12:30pm (3 hr flight). Be picked up and go to our hotel BEIJING REGENT and check in. Afternoon can go to the office of CHINA NATIONAL CEREALS TRADE CORP (CNCTC) which is a subsidiary of COFCO. Meet w/MR. WU DEYONG and his staff at their office (which is the west side of BJ) or they will come to our hotel for exchange of market ideas and updates. That night have a cocktail party at our hotel for COFCO staff and the GREAT WALL Group (which is a Taiwan group tt has invested heavily in mainland with feed plants mostly in Central & N China). They are big buyers of SBM, DDGS, YC, CORN GLUTEN MEAL, etc. That night dinner at the hotel our out w/Wu and his staff.

APRIL 2 - Can visit COFCO HQ meeting w/some local Ag leaders or at CNCTC offices. In the afternoon, if there is╩time,╩can go to Food China/Great Walls' office right across fm COFCO's. Night have dinner at hotel or out w/COFCO staff.

APRIL 3 - 08:00 pick up by the CITS (CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE). This will be a long day as we'll be touring the TIANAN MEN Square, FORBIDDEN CITY, MING TOMBS & GREAT WALL (at Badaling), so please wear good walking shoes and bring╩ bottle water. Lunch out with the tour in BJ or near the Great Wall. Bring cameras/videos along.

APRIL 4 - Most of the group returns to US.